We have been established over 25 years at Freeview N.I.

We are based in the Belfast area and cover a wide area offering professional repairs and renewals for aerials and satellites. Do you need your aerial or satellite updating? Are you still having problems after the digital switch over? There can be problems even after your TV has been updated.

Here to help you with your digital TV & reception needs

Add extra extension points - without the need for another aerial. You might only need one aerial point in your living room.... You might want aerial points in 14 rooms ! We plan and install aerial systems, with as few or as many points as you require. If you have satellite TV, we can arrange your aerial system so you can watch your satellite channel on all of your points.

Flat screen TV installation and Advice

Advice on how and where your TV should be installed. We don't just tune in TVs, if you have a flat screen TV, and want it fixed to a wall, we can do everything from planning the installation, supplying the brackets and leads, to carrying out the installation work. We aim to make the installation neat and tidy, with cables as invisible as possible. We will offer practical advice.

Equipment installation, satellite, cable and FreeSat boxes, DVD and Video recorders, Surround Sound, Satellite distribution to other rooms.

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